www.creativeworldawards.com, are you applying?



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  • www.creativeworldawards.com, are you applying?

    Hey guys,

    From their past contest winners -- they're big on FAMILY, PG and cool dramas and inexpensive thriller and action scripts...


    They have great customer service.

    All my emails were replied promptly.

    Hey, all contests are different and unique.
    You know what the news is. Now you're going to hear ... the rrrrest of the story!
    Paul Harvey

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    Re: www.creativeworldawards.com, are you applying?

    Well, I don't know how "different and unique" they are, Ben. I checked out the website and they look like a lot of other contests out there. They're only a year old, so they don't have much clout. Their winners haven't done anything yet. If you enter for the money, their Grand Prize is $5K, which is okay I suppose, but not great.

    On the flip side, since they're new they probably don't have many entrants yet, which increases your chances of winning. And sounds like the ladies who run it are nice people.