Anyone else get "Scriptapalooza - Part of your award!" email??



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  • Anyone else get "Scriptapalooza - Part of your award!" email??

    Did anyone else get an email from inktip with this subject "Scriptapalooza - Part of your award!-

    The email starts off this way:

    "Congratulations on your winning script, XXXXXX-

    The contest ended 4 months ago and I made it to the qtr's but no further then I received this email a few days ago. I just found it a little confusing since it seems to tell me that I have a winning script as if I placed high or won this contest, but I didn't. It also seems to indicate that this is just part of my award (as if I won more stuff...)

    I asked Inktip about it and they told me SP sent them a list of winners who get a free placement.

    When I asked SP about it they replied: "Part of being a Scriptapalooza entrant, we have InkTip giving away free placements in their magazine. It's a great service they provide.-

    I'm not complaining just confused. I was hoping that SP had a glitch in their system whereby I really won the whole thing and they finally just realized it. But no such luck.

    Wondering if anyone else received this.
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    Re: Anyone else get "Scriptapalooza - Part of your award!" email??

    Yeah, I got the same "Part of your award" phrase when I got a free Inktip placement from winning in the Moondance Film Festival. Congrats! Sign up-- what have you got to lose?