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    Re: PAGE Awards Quarterfinalists...

    It was the 2nd draft of that screenplay. Almost entirely different from what's on the website.

    So if your screenplay isn't on our list of Quarter-Finalists, it doesn't necessarily mean your writing isn't strong or your script won't do well in the future. It simply means that at this time -- for many different reasons -- these particular judges gave higher scores to other scripts they read.
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      Re: PAGE Awards Quarterfinalists...

      Originally posted by jcarends View Post
      The great thing about the Nicholl is they send out the list of finalists -- Quarterfinalists, Semifinalists, Finalist and Fellows -- all at the same time in October. Just about everyone on the list gets read requests. From folks who count. And since it's up to the writer to send in the script as it stands in October...

      ...there's the great incentive, right now, to be rewriting -- cleaning up all those typos, tightening and layering, etc, etc. -- should you make the list.
      Well - knock on wood - if I make the list, the rewrite is ready. I got some non-contest feedback that made a lot of sense - and exposed my script for the shallow fraud it was - so renovations are in.