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  • www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

    Anyone applied to this promising contest --

    How did your screenplay do?

    Do they lean towards dramas or thrillers or family scripts?

    I heard they have one of the best short script contest....

    You know what the news is. Now you're going to hear ... the rrrrest of the story!
    Paul Harvey

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    Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

    Why is this a promising contest? How many careers has it launched?

    For the screenplay side, the early entry fee is 65 quid -- over $100 US. That's a pretty outrageous sum anyway, especially for a contest that's relatively new and has no street cred.


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      Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

      vanekSF1 the nicholl one?

      so no one has entered this one? alot of contests don´t get you anywhere,despite that they promise heavens, but still some exposure don´t hurt.


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        Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

        Most contests don't charge what they are charging and offer a lot more exposure.

        For the same money, you could enter three scripts for Nicholl or Austin, which actually have opened some doors for people. That's my point.


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          Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

          Ben hasn't met the contest yet that he couldn't post another inane question about it being promising, up and coming, or important.


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            Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

            Doesn't anyone remember this contest on a thread last year?

            Lots of fun:


            My favourite quote from Amit (aka kaos films) has got to be:
            "You know you guys need to get out of your s*** holes and look at the sun some time. Then perhaps you'll stop being so f****** paranoid! I don't need this! I don't need to banter words with people like you. I have a career to carve."

            "What's outside is easy, what's inside is hard."


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              Re: www.kaosfilms.co.uk -feature & short script contest

              The winner of The British Short Screenplay Competition will have their screenplay produced by Kaos Films.
              I tend not to enter short screenplay contests that offer producing the winning screenplay as the prize. On the surface, it sounds like a great deal but for those interested in producing/directing their own short it's a bit of a ripoff.

              Think about it. Their development costs of paying readers to search for the right screenplay are covered by the entry fee of the thousands who apply.

              Then after you find that script that is a cut above the rest, you produce it under your own banner without paying a cent to the writer (heck, the writer paid YOU to consider it).

              Finally, you exhibit the short around the world taking all the acclaim as the prodco that produced it.

              Pretty sweet deal for them if you ask me. Of course, if you're not interested in producing/directing the short yourself, it might not be so bad.

              Some excerpts from the rules:

              16. All entrants acknowledge that the final winner will be expected to make a standard form of assignment of all rights in the finished work to Kaos Films and provide a waiver of so called “moral rights”.

              17. Kaos Films will be the producers of the winning screenplay.

              18. No cash alternatives to any of the prizes or additional payments shall be made.

              20. The Competition organizers reserve the right to appoint any director, producer to the winning script.