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  • The Horror of Writing competition (London, UK)

    This primer for the comp takes place in London on Saturday, now at 11am, not noon as stated.

    Britain's Got Horror Talent!

    Ever wanted to write a horror movie? Had great ideas for uniquely nasty deaths scenes and atmospheric plotting? JPEG Films are offering Film4 FrightFest audience members that very opportunity - the fantastic chance to become involved in the development of a horror script, with a screen credit if the movie is produced.

    JPEG Films, a new production company formed by three industry veterans, are developing a slate of six commercial feature films over the next year - including one horror.

    Tentatively titled TOWER OF BLOOD (unless FrightFesters can do better!), the story must be based around the famous landmark, the Tower of London, with its haunted, creepy and gory history.

    JPEG Films' heads and celebrity horror writers will provide guidance and expert knowledge to all interested audience members and budding scriptwriters at this Special Event Seminar. Then it's up to you to write a 2/3 page cinematic treatment inspired by the premise.

    Closing date for entries will be Friday October 16, 2009. The judging panel will be JPEG Film's principals Pete Daly and Julia Short, plus Film4 FrightFest's Alan Jones and Paul McEvoy, and the winner's name announced at Film4 FrightFest's Halloween Happening at the ICA on Saturday, October 31.

    The winning treatment will then enter development by JPEG Film's development producer, according to industry standards. It is JPEG Film's intention to take the project as far as possible with the winner, with the prospect of them even writing the whole script. But whatever happens the winner will secure a screen credit should the process get to production stage.

    The Special Event Seminar will answer all your questions and outline in more detail the project, the development process and the challenges and hurdles the winner may have to face writing a horror project.