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  • Bluecat Workshops - Any Good?

    There's one coming to our city.

    First Ten Pages Workshop (limit 12 writers)

    But couldn't find any info on their website except when and where and how much. And of course, the title. Guess they figured that's all we needed to know.

    Anyone ever attended one?

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    Re: Bluecat Workshops - Any Good?

    I attended one in Nashville this year. Good group. Worth attending.
    Gordy runs a good workshop and is a nice guy. I'd like to make the
    Austin one later this year.
    "I talked to a couple of yes men at Metro. To me they said no."


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      Re: Bluecat Workshops - Any Good?

      The "first 10 pages" workshop is an intensive examination of the first ten pages of the scripts of each writer in attendance. The ten pages are exchanged prior to the workshop so each participant, including Gordy, has ample opportunity to provide critical feedback, questions and analysis. You can find more information on the Bluecat website by clicking "submissions" on the toolbar.
      It's a great workshop for perfecting the first ten pages of any script, which play a vital role in getting any reader (contest, prodco, agency) to turn to p.11 and, if the universe is kind, to read all the way to "Fade Out."