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  • Writers On The Storm! UNITE!

    So..... any takers?

    Ordinarily I stick to the top 3 contests, but I had an extra $50 hanging around...well actually it was Brit Pounds, and figured "ahhh wat the hell!"

    I ain't in it for the representation or the prestige.

    I'm in it for cold hard cash and prizes. Anything to pay the mortgage.

    I figured $10,000 for a contest that gets around 1000 entrants... pretty good odds.

    Yup. It's that cynical. Gotta pay the bills so I took a gamble.

    Anyone else in this one?

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    Re: Writers On The Storm! UNITE!

    good luck, harbinger.

    i'm not in, but which contests do you consider to be the top three?


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      Re: Writers On The Storm! UNITE!

      For me it's-

      1. Nicholl
      2. Page
      3. Austin

      In that order.

      I know most people would put Austin higher, but I have to factor in the professionalism and potential of Page. It's a perfect example of PAGE's rise in the ranks that the entrant number was over 5000 this year.

      And thanks for the GL, Joe. They announce on monday...mind you it does worry me that they don't send acknowledgements of scripts when entering through Without A Box. Maybe they never got it!

      Mind you I'm lining that up as my excuse.


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        Re: Writers On The Storm! UNITE!

        I think I signed up for this. Did a lot of without a box entries and not that sure which ones.
        "I talked to a couple of yes men at Metro. To me they said no."