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  • Weed Shop's - Make A Music Video Contest

    Hey guys,
    So, the web series I created is having a major relaunch in November, and buildling up to it they are having a big contest called:

    "Weed Shop: Make a Music Video Contest"

    The show sponsors are giving away a TON of stuff, HD cam included. I believe the official announcement goes out next week, however I noticed the page was up, and wanted to give my fellow DD'ers a heads up.

    The link to the series is at: www.weedshop.tv

    A direct link to the contest info can be found here: Mangina Video Contest

    So, check it out. I'm not running the contest, so any questions, etc. hit the Weed Shop "Contact us" section.

    I will have an opportunity to check out all the videos, so I'm excited to see what's out there, and what people can do with a song called "Mangina" :-)

    The contest is sponsored in part by:
    CAA Young Hollywood
    6-17 Management
    Rock Star Energy Drinks
    The Script Department
    Flip Cam
    Gravity Vortex
    Yes No Maybe Media
    OH No Not Stereo
    and several more...
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