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  • Screen QLD Writer's Grant (Australian Only)

    So wondering if any other Australians from QLD are submitting an application for their writers grant this year.

    I only just found out about two weeks to put in a submission.

    I know this isn't really a contest or competition at all just didn't know where to post this.
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    Re: Screen QLD Writer's Grant (Australian Only)

    Good luck with this. The New Writers Program at Film Vic (similar, it seems, to this one) was one of the most rewarding writing experiences of my life. It introduced me to a lot of very cool people who have since become a part of my writing network, and I got paid to write! I learnt more in that three day workshop than I have in years of trying to do it alone.

    I also ended up optioning my script as a result.

    Definitely worth the effort to put the application together. I have all extremities crossed for you.




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      Re: Screen QLD Writer's Grant (Australian Only)

      I wasn't even aware this existed, so thanks for pointing this out.

      I'm actually a little bit confused in some places. I take it they are looking for Australian (mainly QLD focused) material, but it's not stated anywhere explicitly, and in the expected outcomes they have "All writers involved in the programme will depart with a market-ready script. Beyond that, Screen Queensland will have given them the tools to generate market interest in their material." To be honest, I thought the focus of this was more to develop material for production in Queensland, yet this isn't factored in anywhere else

      Frankly, I only have one (almost) script and it's fairly Hollywood in nature. I do have an idea for an Australian TV Show that I suppose I could submit. But yeah, it'd help if I understood better what exactly it is they are looking for.

      Oz, are you able to shed any light?


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        Re: Screen QLD Writer's Grant (Australian Only)

        Nic thats awesome...I was wondering if you could shed some light on the application process.

        It seems we have to submit a treatment or draft (covered) as well as the downloadble application form (too easy) but also:

        * Writer's Statement: A statement outlining how the writer will develop the project within the Writers' Room during the allotted twelve month period. It should address:
        o Expectations of the programme;
        o How the applicant will fit in attendance at meetings;
        o Benefits to the project and professional development of the applicant;
        o Target market and audience.
        * Development Plan: The applicant's strategy for the project's progression through the various stages of development within the allotted period and context of the Writers' Room.

        I always hate doing this type of when applying for a government job etc...writing fiction is easy to me...writing stuff like that I draw a blank.

        Be Not...I think ultimatly they want to generate work which is filmed in QLD (Daybreakers, The Square, Blurred etc) but I don't think it has to be "set" in QLD or even in Australia...however that might limit your chances.

        The script I'm submitting takes place in an apartment building in an unnamed could be easily shot here in QLD.
        One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it. - French Proverb


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          Re: Screen QLD Writer's Grant (Australian Only)

          Don't think I'll be entering, but cheers for the reply. Hope you get it.