Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference - June 1-6



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  • Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference - June 1-6

    "Very well run, good group of people. Everyone seems to have left happy and fulfilled, so congrats on a terrific conference." - Danny Rubin, Groundhog Day on THE SCREENWRITING CONFERENCE IN SANTA FE - 01 thru 06 June 2010.

    I am doing a workshop at the Santa Fe Conference this year - I've done them there several times in the past. Limited to only 20 people. This ain't me yapping, it's a true workshop that will focus on *your* screenplay.

    The February Discount rate ends... Feb 28th (that makes sense).

    For more info:

    - Bill
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    Re: Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference - June 1-6

    Hey Bill!

    Yep, SCSFe is pretty awesome, very well run indeed! I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

    However, I'm kind of scared to sign up for your class....

    There's lots of talk of "explosions" and "ripping my 1st 10 pages apart!"