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  • Screenwriter Online Story/Screenwriting classes

    There was a 2002 thread about Screenwriters Online Master classes.
    But I'm seriously considering their STORY and SCREENPLAY online classes.
    It is pricey: $420 for a 4 week story class and $800 for 8 week Screenplay class. Thia Montroy is teaching the class.

    Has anyone had any experience with them?

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    Re: Screenwriter Online Story/Screenwriting classes

    I haven't taken any of their long-form classes but I've taken several of their 3-night classes. Generally I've taken ones that focus on reps and producers rather than script analysis. People tend to ask the same basic questions over and over "what's the difference between and agent and manager?" etc. But the sessions are a chance to "meet" reps and prodcos, get read, and maybe establish a relationship.

    I can say that they're professionally run and well-organized, and they've been around for a while.

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