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    Re: 2010 Feature Contest

    Originally posted by LauriD View Post
    biglips - can you tell us more about the script, including genre and budget?

    Going back 3 years, I still don't see anything obviously period or big budget doing well on tB. Be interested to hear from anyone who entered a script like that on tB that's done well in other contests but not on tB.

    I also had a script in the Nicholl top 30 -- in my case, 2 years running -- and got maybe 8-10 requests but nothing came of it.

    My period crime drama DOYLESTOWN was an honorable mention in trackingb's contest in 2007. It's also previously Quartered in both Nicholl and Expo.

    Like the majority of posters in this thread, I have nothing but positive things to say about trackingb.
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