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  • 2010 Feature Contest

    Feature Contest - Now Accepting Entries!


    "The TrackingB contest really cracked open the door for our careers in a time span we never imagined possible. It took us from being two friends who had fun writing a script together to being two writers repped by a top management company - in just one month. Since then, the experience has been a wonderful ride as we've been working toward selling The Pupil as well as toiling away at our individual projects to get them ready for the market. We can't wait to see what the future holds for us.- Kristy Lee Sanders & Tony Robenalt - Finalists

    "In the last few years I was a finalist in some of the bigger screenwriting contests and I was kind of jaded about what happens after the announcement. Then I won the TrackingB contest. That experience was very different. First came the e-mail from The Insider saying my script was already being read by many of the top places in town. Then things got really exciting. I've signed with management company Abstract Entertainment and I'm thrilled by the way things are going. I absolutely recommend the TrackingB contest. It can really change the course of your career.- Ehud Lavski - Winner

    "I've placed in several big screenwriting contests before, but none of them delivered anything close to the results of my Honorable Mention in the contest. I received over a dozen requests from top representatives and production companies, one of which became my first option. Now Mike (my co-writer) and I just sold a comedy pilot to Spike TV. It all traces directly back to the trackingb contest.- Gabriel Snyder - Honorable Mention

    "The entire experience with TrackingB was phenomenal, from the submission process through the finalist notification, but that was just the beginning. I received over 30 requests from top tier agencies, managers and production companies. The Insider was a tremendous host throughout the whole process and helped me navigate the requests and phone calls as they poured in. I highly recommend this contest for anyone looking for an edge into the screenwriting industry and a possible life and career changing experience.- Alveraz Ricardez - Finalist

    "My script was one of the finalists in the first trackingb contest and I wound up getting approached by a who's who of agents, managers, and production companies asking to read it. I ended up signing with a respected agent and currently have two scripts in play with major producers.- Phil Berger - Finalist

    "After placing in the trackingb contest, I was offered representation from a few great places, and ended up signing with a top manager.- Elana Frink - Honorable Mention

    We don't offer any of the usual screenplay contest smoke and mirrors... No coverage from someone being paid $10 per script (please ask Mom). No cash (please ask Grandma) or writing clinics from gurus who have never sold a screenplay (Dad?).

    What our winners do receive is: INDUSTRY ACCESS AND INDUSTRY READS.


    Three finalists will be promoted on to our community of entertainment industry insiders AND will also be read by each member of our esteemed judging panel who will pick an overall winner. Five honorable mentions will also be selected to receive exposure on

    Adam Marshall - Head of Management - Energy Entertainment
    Anna Culp - Vice-President, Motion Pictures - Imagine
    Janet Jeffries - Development Executive - Lawrence Bender Productions
    Mike Esola - Agent - WME
    John Campbell - Creative Executive - Bruckheimer Films
    Lucas Carter - Director of Development - The Weinstein Company
    Brian Spink - Manager - Benderspink
    Chris Sablan - Agent - Original Artists
    Billy Rosenberg - VP - 21 Laps
    Ken Freimann - Manager/Producer - Circle of Confusion
    Brin Lukens - Director of Development - Katalyst Films
    Caren Bohrman - Agent/Owner - The Bohrman Agency
    Norm Todd - Creative Executive - Infinitum Nihil
    Anil Kurian - VP of Development - Intrepid Pictures
    Charisse Nesbitt - Director of Development - Lionsgate Films
    Ava Jamshidi - Agent - ICM


    For an extra $25 per entry, you can have your script be considered for The ROAR Prize-Guaranteed representation for one chosen WRITER (not one particular script) by literary managers Josh Adler & Mike Goldberg at ROAR.


    All entered scripts will be read by trackingb staff who will select their top choices. Then, The Insider will consult with the industry panel to get their thoughts (based on concept/summary alone) on the top selections, and take their opinions into account in the final decisions. In January, 2011, five honorable mentions and three finalists will be announced (note: honorable mentions cannot be finalists), and soon after an Overall Winner will be chosen by our judging panel from the three finalist scripts. The ROAR Prize Winner will also be announced in January, 2011.


    Early Entry deadline is: September 1st, 2010. Late Entry deadline is: October 15th, 2010. And the Really Late Deadline is: Nov. 15th, 2010. Please make payment for each entry using the appropriate paypal link below and then send the script, logline, and transaction i.d. # to: [email protected]

    Early Entry ($55)
    Early Entry With ROAR Prize ($80)
    Late Entry ($65)
    Late Entry With ROAR Prize ($90)
    Really Late Entry ($75)
    Really Late Entry With ROAR Prize ($100)


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    Re: 2010 Feature Contest

    Noticed a couple new names for the judges, i.e. Brian Spink and John Campbell. Pretty cool.


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      Re: 2010 Feature Contest

      ...and I stand behind that quote today


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        Re: 2010 Feature Contest

        They didn't list eligibility rules last year, even though there certainly must be some.

        Have they listed them this year?


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          Re: 2010 Feature Contest

          i know i'm eligible
          just finished a new script... still enough time to rewrite and polish
          i can't believe they're charging extra for the ROAR prize -- makes it kind of expensive
          seems kind of early thou - the 1st (early, early) deadline isn't until september


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            Re: 2010 Feature Contest

            Way cool -- I've heard lots of great things about this one and was wondering when it would open for entries.

            Couple of questions:

            1. How many entries did they get last year?
            2. Who are the "trackingB staff" who will read the scripts -- are these professional readers? Former prodco people? Or ??

            Kudos to them for actually identifying the members of the final judging panel. Too few contests do this.

            Also, this is really interesting:

            "The Insider will consult with the industry panel to get their thoughts (based on concept/summary alone) on the top selections, and take their opinions into account in the final decisions."

            So they're overtly considering marketability as well as quality -- I don't think any other contest does that (or at least admits to it).

            Good luck to all!

            "People who work in Hollywood are the ones who didn't quit." -- Lawrence Kasdan

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              Re: 2010 Feature Contest

              If I recall last year, they got over 800 entries.

              As far as rules/eligibility goes--this is one of the very few contests that doesn't have any. I can enter this one.
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                Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                Very expensive entry fees for a contest with no physical prizes. How do they justify that. Don't get me started on the 'Roar' prize.

                Are these industry pros getting paid to read these scripts?

                I'm not saying the contest isn't worth it. Just raising the question.
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                It's the eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight


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                  Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                  Originally posted by Jules View Post
                  Very expensive entry fees for a contest with no physical prizes.
                  Would you like a trophy thrown in?


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                    Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                    No. But is there room on that high-horse for two?
                    It's the eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight


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                      Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                      Originally posted by Jules View Post
                      No. But is there room on that high-horse for two?
                      Relax, it was a joke, no need to go there.


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                        Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                        Sorry about that, Telly.

                        Here's one for you.


                        It's the eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight


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                          Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                          I'm a f'n miser when it comes to cash and there's only 2 contests that i'd spend my money on. This one and the Nicholl.


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                            Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                            828 last year I believe. It seems to go up every year.

                            I'm jealous that Mike Esola is on the panel this year.

                            I don't think it's expensive. There may be no physical prize but go back and look at the last 3 years and how many of the 8 finalist each time gained representation of some sort. I think that alone is good enough if you make it that far.

                            I don't know who reads for The Insider but the panel only reads the Finalists if I remember last year correctly.

                            Anyways I stand behind my quote as well.

                            I waited until the day before to enter. I guess we paid more but if you wait longer it will give you more time to polish your script, no need to rush. Plus you don't have to wait as long for the results I think we got the results exactly one month from when we submitted.

                            I (we) did it on a whim and I'm so glad we did because it was worth it 1,000 times over.

                            Writer on a cable drama.


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                              Re: 2010 Feature Contest

                              Sorry, this is insanely expensive! Early entry fee without ROAR is just on the top end of tolerable.

                              The extra fee just to have one manager read your script is -- well -- don't even get me started... "Unethical" comes to mind. I mean, are you guys really so eager to pay one manager to read your script??? Seriously???