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  • Interview with Nicholl Judge

    ... "I generally read about 300 scripts per year for the Nicholl, and I find that perhaps 10 of them can be considered truly excellent scripts. What do these ten scripts have in common? Sometimes not much. But one thing they all have is a compelling story with at least one compelling character that I care very much about. They have a good underlying foundation to their structure and the story seems to organically flow out of the structure. Sometimes the stories are very familiar and sometimes they are so creative it's astounding, but they all seem to be exactly the right story told in exactly the same way for that particular script. I find that every one of these 10 scripts forces me to sit there and turn every page to find out what happens next." ...
    "People who work in Hollywood are the ones who didn't quit." -- Lawrence Kasdan

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    Re: Interview with Nicholl Judge

    i remember meeting a judge once and loved any little tidbit they could offer... so this was great... thanks for sharing.