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    Here are the Slamdance finalists. My teleplay didn't make the cut. Womp womp.

    2010 Slamdance Writing Competition Top 200 Finalists


    12:25 AM by Kristina Brown & Ashley Brown
    A Burning Thing by Johnny Ferguson
    Already Gone by Bill Balas
    Among Thieves by Douglas Winningham
    Angeltown by Kenneth Dyson
    Arthur's Salvation by Karen Webb
    Balloons by Nikki Braendlin
    Balls to the Wall by Antoine Tardif
    Bank Robbing for Dummies by Robert Watson
    Baron of Havana by Alex Simon
    Bush League by Steven Shank
    Confidelity by Juliet Hanna & Gejaa Gobena
    Conspiracy by Adam Walsh (Adapted from work by William Campbell Gault)
    The Crimes of Love by Chris Kloetzel
    Deceptive Cadence by Teddy Cecil
    Fickle by Kris Daw
    Fishing with Dynamite by Randy Sumeraj
    For Greenwood by Dwayne Alexander
    Fugue by Andrew Gettens & Laura Lee Bahr
    Ghost Train by Michael Coast & Kyle Levenick
    The Girl With no Name by Alex Ranarivelo
    Humane by Shana Selway
    Incarnation by Steve Anthopoulos
    Into the Arms of America by Nicholas Dunlevy
    Jack Pine and the Mendicant by Ty Reeb
    Letters from Wolfie by James Christopher
    Little Eden by Timothy Jay Smith
    Macau Twilight by Tony Shyu
    The Nobodies by Mike Giampa
    Robbing Hoods by Joe Reiter
    The Shadow Man by Nir Paniry
    Stealing Canada by Tyler Smith
    Take My Wife by Brett Carlson & Brian Graves
    Tequila Moonrise by Brian Christgau
    Uncommon Warrior by John Cirignani
    Under the Rising Sun by Michael McCoy
    The Villain by Maziar Lahooti
    The Vultures by Chance Muehleck
    Welcome to Akron by Stephen Vladimir Bugaj
    West Memphis Three by William Johnson


    100 Bloody Acres by Colin & Cameron Cairnes
    The A Train by Michael Brettler
    Black and Blue by Carlos Gutierrez
    Black Stork by Wayne Mogilefsky
    Blood Carvings by Lori Huck
    Bloomtown by Caroline Cooney
    Cold Valley by Cameron Alexander
    Coven by Eduardo Aguilar
    Crave by Hus Miller & Paul Kramer
    Dangerous Waters by Matthew Altman & David Matalon
    Dark Desert by Paul Porter
    Dead Crows by Chris Todd
    Dead Reckoning by Esperanza Villegas
    Deadly Passage by C.M. Robinson
    Deep Freeze by Charlie Charbonneau
    Ding-Dong-Ditch by Erin Donovan
    Driven to It by Allie Edwards
    Embassy Row by Scott Reardon
    Extinction by Colin Hendershott
    The Greatest Show on Earth by B.D. Flory
    Greed by Josephine Romano
    The Guilty by L.M. Harter
    Heaven Sent by Alison McMahan & John Leary
    Hoax by Matt Allen & Scott Park
    The House on Spirit Lake by Jerry Cullinen
    Infinity by Chris Bonneau
    Jesse James vs. Jack the Ripper by Alasdair McMullan
    Killer Granny by Kevin Armento, Eric Lee, & Taylor Jackson
    Lamatsu by Rick Watkins
    Leather, Wood & Iron by Sherrie Robertson & Isaac Diaz
    Malleable Shapes by Tommy Cook
    The Manuscript by Louis Rosenberg & Joe Rosenbaum
    Ouija by Robert Hayhurst
    The Projectionist by Alison Star Locke
    Revenant by Jerron Spencer
    "Sharks" by Ralph Stein (Story by Chris Johnson)
    Tremble by Lukas Schepp
    Undeserving by Brett Finnell
    Viktor by Matt Wheeler
    Zombie Lesbian Sluts by Lesley Schroeder


    Bearcat by Jeannie Bolet
    Below the Waist by R. Ian Simpson
    Bikini Vampires Save the World by Donna May
    Bus Riders by Andrew Bluestone
    Chase by Michael Mynatt & Ben Lawson
    Exit Strategy by Jameel Saleem
    F Dating by Roja Gashtili & Julia Lerman
    Fatso and Toothpick by Jason Sinclair Long
    Flinch by Steve Savitz
    Follow Me Outside by Jenna Strauchen
    Go For Broke by Joseph Kim
    Halfway Home by David Schroeder
    The Invisible Enemy by Anand Raghavan
    Jazz Hand: Tale of a One-Armed Woman by Mary Theresa Archbold & Pat Shay
    The Last Weekend by Pavel Sanaev
    The Lil Rednecks and a Town Full of Bullies by Trina D. Flint
    Master's Key by Kelly Anelons
    Mindplay by Louis Rosenberg & Joe Rosenbaum
    A Minute of Silence by Harris Freedman
    Mister Gimp by Miska Draskoczy
    Nicky Flynn Finally Gets a Life by Art Corriveau
    No More Humans by Brandon Jones
    Opportunity Knocks by Raif Eric Lawson
    Puddles & Pools by Suzanne Guacci
    Reclaim by Barbara Stoker
    Revere by David Whitcroft & Philip Whitcroft
    Riding the Rumble Strip by Bradford Willis & Anne Dunkin
    Romance and Higher Primates by Heidi DuBose (Story by Stacie & Troy Dunn)
    The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
    Rush to 5am by Alex Pena & Randy Henry
    Seek Help by Sam Hancock, Dan Mayer, & Matt McKay
    Something Incredible by Megan Breen
    Special Delivery by James Turley
    Spectrum by Nadine Piche
    Storyville by Abigail Bean
    Thought Disorder by Honey Lauren
    Wet Dreams by Nick Driggs
    Who's Driving Doug by Michael Carnick
    The Worst Disaster the World has Ever Seen by Jacob Sloman
    Zander's American Revolution by Samuel Johnson


    American Woman by Jb Carlin
    A Bad Night in a Small Town by Andrew Alonso
    The Beast on 92nd Street by Bruno Bonugli
    Beautiful // The Janssen Twins by Michael Dunn
    Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass by Craig Packard
    Busted by Rachel McNevin
    Carbon Dating by Louis Rosenberg
    Crossbar Hotel by Karrie Crouse
    The Curfew by Brian Hauser
    The Day We Burned by Thomas (Hyungkyun) Kim
    Dead in the Room by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    Disambiguation by Paul Uddo
    Down by Shane Tilston
    Eternal by Robert Chappel
    Frames by Ryan Carbrey & Richard Moser
    Goon by John Tan
    Handjobs by Xaque Gruber
    Happy Downloadday by Phil Ferriere
    Him Himself by Pierre Dawalibi
    His First Time by James Martin
    The Hit by John Cruz
    How We Do by Brianna Bennett
    The Incumbent by Alexis Perkins
    Inertia by Stephanie Phillips
    Interview Date by Grant Lyon & Mike Lemcke
    Kaleidoscopic Visionary by Stephanie Tait
    Kitten by Magali Rennes
    The Ladder by Faisal Qureshi
    Mariscal by Marco Antonio Rodriguez
    Momfia by Dean Watts
    My Brother Dean by Matt Doyle
    Potter's Field by Brad Crowe
    The Prodigal Daughter by Surita Parmar
    Senseless by Diana Lesmez
    Seven Years of Winter by Marcus Schwenzel, Olafur Jonsson, and Vidi Fridbertsson
    Steven Spielberg's Bar Mitzvah by Terry Keefe
    The Stranger's Room by Shan Cleland
    To Remember by Phil Seneker
    True Blue by Phil Yuhas
    Worse than Nothing by Zachary Starer Stor


    Area 1: Kangaroo Court by Alex Simon
    Bad Ads by Mickey Hadick
    Bad Karma by Joseph Halstead
    Bad Land by Rachel McNevin
    Carnival Doll by Michael Hemmingson
    Clarity by Tory & Victoria Walker
    Crossing "Pilot" by Alan R. Baxter & Rosemary Alderete
    Dixie Land by Eleanor Hutchins & Caleb Scott
    Folk Soldiers by Julien Deladriere
    Frog Kissers by Debra Kirschner
    The Future's So Bright by Cooper McMains
    Garden of Eden by Michael Montgomery
    The Graham Scheme of Things by Charlie Charbonneau
    Great Lakes by Zeke Farrow & Andersen Gabrych
    Greater Chicago by Peter Kimball
    Inflated Dreams by Scott Burkhardt
    Life Swap by Marty Johnson
    Marty Brown by Marie Robinson
    Murphy's Last Stand by Bill Balas
    Noah Wise by E.L. Silver
    Orchestration by Celeste Conrad
    Paper Boy by Marco Campani
    Powerless by Christopher Bergeris
    Protocol by Adam Sigel
    Queensbury Rules by Terry O'Brien
    Salvagers: Pilot by Francisca Hu
    Scar Tissue by Nathaniel Crocker
    Shifting Gears by Sarah Newman
    Sinclair's America by Gene Pina
    Static by Keith Davidson
    Subs - "The Pilot" by Tom Sutch, Aileen Loughlin, Jason A. Biener, & Lenny Gomez
    Sunny Days by Alex Herrity & Marcus Miller
    Transmissions from the Apcoalypse by Helen Truong
    TROGS (Shadow Puppets) by Tim & Martin Marks
    Untitled News Magazine Project by Mansur Ahmed
    Veterans "The New Guy" by Anna Tkatch
    Voodoo Tattoo by L.M. Harter
    The Wakes of Wilbur Poe by Vicki Speegle
    The Wandering Jew by Steven Cohen
    Welcome to Stankley by Teddy Goldsmith & Sara Cravens

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    Re: Slamdance Results

    congrats to anyone here who entered and on this list
    but geezz! 200 finalists!!! that just seems ridiculous to me.
    it can't really give you that special feeling


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      Re: Slamdance Results

      I read VIKTOR a while back. Oddly enough, I don't remember why or when.

      Good script, though.


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        Re: Slamdance Results

        like how they have the horror/thriller category... probably be an interesting bunch to read for those who write in that genre or reps looking in that genre.