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  • Nicholls -- Typos

    Question: Is my script dead in the water?

    Seriously, no.

    "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.

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    Re: Nicholls -- Typos

    Typos are never good, of course, but a few in a script is not a big issue. I've read a bunch of Nicholl winners at the Herrick Library that had multiple typos, so it's obviously not a deal-breaker...


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      Re: Nicholls -- Typos

      i've never read a script even from a produced flick that didn't have a couple of typos. as long as it's not riddled with them and glaring, and doesn't interfere with the story then don't fret. however, i doubt that you can say, "Everything else is perfect."


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        Re: Nicholls -- Typos

        I sent the wrong draft of my screenplay last year. It had more than four errors, including one that read "They look to the river -- beyond it is"

        That was it. I forgot to finish the sentence. Still made the QFs. You're not dead in the water, but if you've ever been reading a script you dig, coming across a bad typo can act like a smack in the face.


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          Re: Nicholls -- Typos

          Originally posted by ricland
          Some questions about readers ...

          What instructions are they given and how much of these instructions do they follow.

          Beal,(?) seems like a reasonable man. I'm thinking his instructions are something like this:

          OK, Readers, we're looking for story first, then great characterization, dialog, solid structure and a good mix of plot twists, reversals, etc. No script should be rejected at its first reading if it has these things. I don't want scripts rejected because they have a few typos; that might only mean one writer paid for a script doctor and the other didn't. Mind you, I can appreciate the writer who pays to get his script letter-perfect -- but I don't want this script in the top five while a far better STORY with four typos is shitcanned."
          It's not "Beal," it's "The Magnificent Mr. Beal"


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            Re: Nicholls -- Typos

            Speaking of typos, it's Nicholl.

            No "s." No apostrophe s.

            To quote a recent comment on the Nicholl Facebook page:

            One, five, twenty typos over an entire script should not affect any reader. On the other hand, ten typos on the first page just might cast a pall over an entire script.


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              Re: Nicholls -- Typos

              I had a script read by a very big production company that had two dozen or so typos and 'crooked' sentences and some butchered narrative and some other rather embarrasing stuff and when I asked about it he said, and I quote, "We don't care about typos, we care about material. We have editors."

              While the scared narrative of most forums and 'not there yets' will continually tell you that it matters a lot, it doesn't. It matters little when you can write.

              Now, many, many times those mistakes are indications that the writer can't write. But four typos is negligible.

              Good luck ric.

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