So my local screenwriting group recently folded



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  • So my local screenwriting group recently folded

    I'm interested to hear from anyone who is a member of a screenwriting group:

    How many members do you have? how many members show up to a typical meeting? Can anyone join or is there some kind of process/ requirements? How does your group get funding (if you have a club house and pay for it.. if you meet at some local star bucks like we had, this won't be applicable)

    What exactly do you discuss/ do at the meetings?

    Where do you meet? How often do you meet?

    I have some ideas where I want this group to go but looking for feedback.

    Also, do any of groups have an actual "club house" where anyone can go on select days and work on projects, bounce ideas, drink some coffee, get feedback, shoot the sh!t, etc? Maybe there's some computers setup with FD or MM for members to work on their projects?

    Thanks for any feedback/ suggestions.
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    Re: So my local screenwriting group recently folded

    It sounds like these are the questions you should be asking the other 8 writers in your former group TBH



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      Re: So my local screenwriting group recently folded

      I took over my screenwriting group in January. It's a large group, there were 150 members at the time with 4-8 showing up at any given meeting. The group met every couple of weeks at a coffee house and was a very casual affair, mostly chit-chat, and sometimes pages were read and critiqued.

      I've steered the group into a productive direction. I moved the location to another coffee house, more central and with a private meeting room that we reserve in advance. We use for our website, we meet three times a month, and the meets have become informative with lots of critiquing and discussion. One of the monthly meets is a group exercise of some sort, the rest of the time we read pages, offer feedback, discuss ideas, hash out loglines, discuss the industry, meet new members, share information, and generally support each other. I have nearly 200 members now and 8-14 showing up at any given meetup.

      I'm still learning screenwriting and everyone knows that, but I have experience running groups and I'm good at teaching what I've learned so it works well for everyone.

      Feel free to message me if you have any more questions, I'll be happy to share my experience.
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        Re: So my local screenwriting group recently folded

        Cool. I actually live in Nanaimo so I think you may know where that is. I'd be interested in coming over and checking it out one time. Maybe having a bs.

        By the way, my brother in law is the general manager of a very big club in Vancouver. So if you like to drink we could bs there as well.


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          Re: So my local screenwriting group recently folded

          I miss my writing group. That was my favorite night of the week, but then two of our members had to go off and make movies, leaving the rest of us to toil on alone....
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            Re: So my local screenwriting group recently folded

            my group is over 2 years old. has 4 members. we meet once a month. we rotate meeting at each other's houses. we send out material a week before we meet, then we meet to get feedback. we tried letting other people in, but it didn't work for us. too many people means more material to cover each meeting. also, most people don't consistently produce work. they're not serious. i think a networking group would be fine, but that's not the same thing as a writing group. we see each other outside of the group for other things, but at our meetings, it's work. we give and receive feedback. that's just us though.