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  • Beware Screenwriting Expo

    They are not keeping their financial obligations to established business professionals who appeared on panels and/or listened to pitches. So DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. These people are done. Please repost.
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    Re: Beware Screenwriting Expo - Fraud/sham/scam

    It's unfortunate that you didn't get paid, but I don't think Expo is a scam. From everything I read, it sounds like the company who runs Expo was a victim of the lousy economy. Creative Screenwriting (who runs Expo and the Expo and AAA Screenplay Competitions) seems to be in big financial trouble and either has already filed or may soon be filing for bankruptcy.


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      Re: Beware Screenwriting Expo - Fraud/sham/scam


      Imagine you own a restaurant.

      It's a nice restaurant - and I have some potential clients that I want to impress. So I'll take my clients to your restaurant for a big lobster dinner.

      But when it comes time to pay the bill I explain to you that in fact I never had the money for the meal. But don't worry - I'm not scamming you - I'll just put your bill in the big pile with the others and maybe in a couple of years time when I have a bit more income I'll be able to pay it.

      I'll even argue that looking after my customers is vital for earning money - so if I want to pay my existing outstanding bills I almost have a moral obligation to run up big restaurant bills to get more clients!

      What would you call my actions?

      Maybe the word 'scam' isn't quite right - it can be just hard luck with a bit of misplaced optimism. (Maybe I was hoping a cheque would clear by the time the bill arrived).

      But once I can't pay the first catering bill - surely you'd argue that there's an obligation for me to stop trying to get more business by running up bills that I can't pay ?

      I suspect there's a bit of a cultural difference with what is acceptable - around here trading while insolvent is a HUGE no-no ... but I appreciate that the USA does have different standards.

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        Re: Beware Screenwriting Expo

        Here's how payment works for Expo speakers: A fee is collected for tickets to the speaker's class. A % of that fee goes to the Expo, the balance goes to the speaker. So, if you fill a room you get paid more than if you have empty seats. This *encourages* the speaker to promote their own classes in order to fill seats... and make more money. A very good method because the speaker becomes responsible for helping to sell tickets for their classes.

        But once that ticket has been sold, the money for the speaker *has already been collected*.

        Now, if that money is diverted to cover some other expense, that is theft. The speaker's $ *has* been collected, but has not been given to the speaker.

        So, even if the bad economy was a factor, it was *not* a factor in the tickets that actually sold for the classes.

        - Bill
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