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    I read on here a while back that whenever you submit a script for an Amazon contest that you are signing your work away or something like that. I also read a lot of doom mongering when Amazon Studios first launched but I didn't take notice at the time as contests were not on my radar.

    I've just checked the terms and conditions for their monthly competitions and I can't see anything dodgy except where anything you submit is open to all to amend and rewrite. But even then I don't think every contest allows rewriting as Original Soldiers didn't.

    Can anyone please clarify this and the aforementioned criticism?

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    Re: Amazon Small Print

    amazon has changes their rules since... and continue to change their monthly rules as they see fit and as each month the competitions vary. you're not signing your work away. it's just an option agreement which means you cannot market your script anywhere else for that 18 month period of time. you are free to develop and rewrite the script. you are free to enter it into any other contests. and a few people have opted out either all or some of their scripts. all you have to do is ask. if they don't want your script then you're free to take it anywhere else.

    the biggest rule change was that your script is not open to anyone who wishes to rewrite it. when you upload it you have a choice of: open, closed, or open by permission.

    they're writing contests are geared toward the development of a marketable script that they choose. what's great about it is that writers (most who have never sold anything) can actually make money in this development process.


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      Re: Amazon Small Print

      Sounds like you're a proponent of Amazon - nice to see for a change! I must admit, I only started paying serious attention when the Original Soldiers comp came round and I couldn't fault it - seeing only the benfits that you see.

      Good to see they have dropped the 'editing for all' option as it was incredibly stupid.