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  • Screenwriting Classes in NYC?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards here and figured I'd see if anyone can help me! I'm wondering if there are any good screenwriting classes in the New York area? I work in the comic book industry and write sketch comedy, but I'm working on a new feature spec (my first in a year and half!) and would love to find a class or group to help me shake off some rust. Anyone know of any groups or classes that I could take? If anything, even a group that meets regularly would be great as I just need some feedback. Thanks!

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    Re: Screenwriting Classes in NYC?

    I took a couple of the Gotham courses. The main benefit I would say is that it forces you to write, as you have to submit work for review by the rest of the class and teacher.

    Although the majority of the reviews are from other class members and some discount them as amateurs (bascally same situation as each other) if you have 10 people all telling something is confusing you may need to look at it again.

    The reviewing of other people's work I also thought useful, seeing what other people make work or not. Also, noting the comments from other people on the work is useful, you can see things you missed when you were reviewing.

    With respect to the standard of teaching, I found it a little variable. One teacher I had who has had numerous credits was excellent at spotting issues, plot holes and most importantly improvements.

    Overall I found it very useful if you have the money, at the very least, its a good way to spend an evening, with like minded people, discussing movies, screenplays etc.