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  • Nicholl 2012 - Reader Comment Excerpts

    I'm sure plenty of you are following the Reader Comment Excerpts on Facebook.

    So far we have had:

    Irreverent comedy can be tricky because it runs the risk of crossing the line into politicial incorrectness, but this humor stays firmly entrenched on the right side of the comedic border with just the right dash of bawdiness. . . . Great script! (And I don't say that often, but any script that makes me laugh and cry in the same reading gets a big thumbs up from me.)
    This is such an interesting script - and a story that history often ignores telling. . . . This writer is a pro - or should be. Every scene advances the story. Tension and stakes are high. Conflict is apparent yet subtle enough to be interesting and textural. The dialogue is especially good.
    Beautifully written . . . We honestly didn't know where we were headed when the story began and when we got there, it was a total surprise. Good depiction of time and place that enhanced the action. Strong, well-defined, colorful characters.
    Enormous fun . . . this lays out the tone and genre straight away and provides plenty of cheesy wit, silly scenes and lots of expected gruesome . . . moments.
    This is everything one wants in a thriller: smart, stylish and sexy, with a lot of explosions in the climax. The writing is sharp, featuring economical prose, and the dialogue is better. There are all kinds of characters in here . . . and they all remained ingrained in one's memory. What's great about the plotline is that the writer assumes that we are intelligent and paying attention. Small plants pay off way later in the piece, after a lot has happened, and that reveals clever and thorough planning. We keep thinking that we know what the script is about, but then we head off in a different direction.
    What a gem of a script. . . . Writer's energy soars. James L. Brooks says you must have one bit of magic on every page and this writer follows that advice. His/her way with dialogue and action is engaging and colorful. . . . Character work is strong. These are original people with different voices.
    I would so love to claim the "This is everything one wants in a thriller: smart, stylish and sexy". I can't but I would love to...

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    Re: Nicholl 2012 - Reader Comment Excerpts

    Originally posted by Presto View Post
    I would so love to claim the "This is everything one wants in a thriller: smart, stylish and sexy". I can't but I would love to...
    Hehe... I was certain that one was mine. And then I thought, uh, there's probably five hundred other writers thinking the same thing right now...

    Does the category you check when you enter get carried through to the reader? I picked Action/drama/crime for mine, but it coulda been considered a thriller.

    Very fun to read those comments though. So glad they are doing that again this year.


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      Re: Nicholl 2012 - Reader Comment Excerpts

      I'm staying away from those comments this year. Spending the time identifying what could hopefully be mine is a waste of precious hope.


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        Re: Nicholl 2012 - Reader Comment Excerpts

        A few more...

        This is a fantastic script . . . every set up pays off and the dialog sparkles - it feels just right for the setting, and yet every character manages to have a unique voice. And the visuals jump off the page without being too "scripted." The writer handles both the action sequences and the emotional content with equal skill and I really cared about what happened to these characters, as flawed and misguided as they often were. Plus the supernatural stuff was just cool - creative and original.
        I don't know where to begin here. The story is SO unique, so clever and the writing is wonderful, insightful and certainly thought provoking. . . . wildly entertaining and amazing. The creative, original and magical premise comes to life and we don't have to constantly suspend disbelief to make that happen... yes, but not really. Loved it.
        This is a simple premise and a simple story, superbly told. It's compelling, entertaining and visually exciting. It's reminiscent of _______ in its use of essentially incompatible characters thrown together in an improbable and dangerous situation. The structure is effective in building suspense, with gripping emotional ups and downs. The pace varies enough for us to catch our breath occasionally but is constantly escalating. The characters are complex, unforgettable and deeply touching. The dialogue is appropriate and individualized.