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  • I recommend the Learn Political Blogging Class

    Before you guys tell me this is the wrong forum for this course, I'll say that www.learnpoliticalblogging.com is an excellent class for screenwriters. The man teaching it, Lee Stranahan, basically talks about all the different techniques writers can use to market their work, build up their contact list, and essentially think of themselves as a business. The course is only $50 for one month of instruction.

    The teacher, Lee Stranahan, is a protege of Andrew Breitbart, a well known political pundit. These men have made their living from political blogging, filmmaking (on the documentary side), books, speeches, etc.

    I feel that their approach has a lot to teach screenwriters and it certainly taught me quite a bit. And hey, I'm at the point where I just got interviewed by Question Reality tv show by Priscilla Leona.

    And no, this isn't an advertisement for the class, I took the class and it helped me out a lot.
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