Bay Area Screenwriter's Conferences?



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  • Bay Area Screenwriter's Conferences?

    Are there any Bay Area screenwriter's conferences?

    I know we have film festivals. I just saw an ad for the Napa Film Festival - any of those worth going as writers?

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    Re: Bay Area Screenwriter's Conferences?

    The closest thing to this is in the summer -- Squaw Valley Community of Writers hosts week-long writing labs up in Tahoe. They have a screenwriting section. I attended in 2008 and it was great - spent a week being mentored by screenwriter who teaches at AFI. Many of the people who attend are based in the Bay Area.

    But as far as in the Bay Area proper? I haven't found anything beyond the SF Film Society. They host classes and lectures from time to time, plus offer grants and funding. And great indie films year round in their posh theater on Post.