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  • TrackingB TV contest 2012

    Hey guys, has anyone heard about the tv contest finalists and winners going on with the actual tv pilot. Sold any? Any going into production?

    Furthermore, I'm curious about other tv pilot contests, as well. I won with tv pilot a few years back and it literally went no where.

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    Re: TrackingB TV contest 2012

    no, but i wouldn't expect to. a new writer who hasn't been staffed before (which the trackingb winners are, afaik) aren't typically selling their pilots. they usually do get repped, however, which can lead to getting staffed and -- eventually -- pitching

    one TV contest winner, however, Asheigh Powell did sell a feature spec last year, "Somacell," which also landed on the Black List. she got repped by Benderspink off the trackingb win