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  • Table Read My Screenplay goes to London

    I'm pretty much done with contests but I'm considering this one for jollies.

    Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Re: Table Read My Screenplay goes to London

    Hi Laurie,

    I won the grand prize for shorts in the fall of 2013 for my short script, Bleeding Edge. Table Read fulfilled all its obligations to me and to the winner of the feature grand prize. They paid for our flights to Austin, transportation from the airport to our hotel, four nights at the Radisson, and a producer's badge to attend the Austin Film Festival.

    They did a good job putting together the table read itself and later sent me a recording of it. Alvaro Rodriquez (writer of Machete) narrated the table read and met with the other winner and me for breakfast the next morning to give us feedback on our scripts.

    The only slight negative, which was not anyone's fault, was that the Austin FF wanted to be very, very sure no one thought our table read was connected to their event. The read took place in a room inside the Driskoll, but we were told not to advertise the event although we were also told we could privately invite friends and people we met at the festival. Luckily we didn't invite too many people as it turned out that our room was very small. At one point someone who worked for AFF was turning away people who we had invited to come, but then Matt Dy showed up and said it was okay, and everything went smoothly after that. I'm not blaming AFF; it makes sense that they want to be careful of other events appearing to fall under their umbrella when in fact they are not connected.

    I would also say that Ayla, who works for Table Read and was in charge of making all our arrangements, is a delightful person and she worked extremely hard to pull it all together in a satisfying way. Oh, and Table Read designed a poster with images to represent both winning scripts, and had all the actors sign two of the posters, for the other winner and me.

    So overall, I highly recommend this contest.