Sending the same screenplay twice?



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  • Sending the same screenplay twice?

    Hi there!

    Just a quick question; can you send the same screenplay twice to a competition if it doesn't place the first time around?
    Would you wise against it?

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    Re: Sending the same screenplay twice?

    Unless there are rules specifically against it, go for it. I entered a script in one of the top tier competitions one year and it didn't even make it past the first round. Feeling cheeky, I entered it again the next year and it made it all the way to the fourth round. They get assigned to different readers every year and everyone responds to a story differently. Actually, that's happened twice with that script in different contests. It's a true love it or hate it. Haven't found a middle ground yet.

    Caveat being, as long as it didn't make it far the year before, as you said is the case. If you made it all the way to semis, it's already been seen by too many readers. It's harder to find fresh eyes at that point.


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      Re: Sending the same screenplay twice?

      In the Nicholl competition, so long as you haven't changed your name, your script won't be read by anyone who has read it before, no matter how far it progressed in any prior year. Previous results, positive or negative, have no effect on a current year entry.

      The only time this wouldn't be true would be if you reached the finals with the same script. Since the Nicholl Committee only changes slightly year to year, some members would be reading the script for a second time. Several writers have won with the same script the second-time around.