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  • Resubmissions

    What's with all the contests offering "resubmissions" these days? Seems to be a growing trend. I guess one could say that the policy offers writers a chance to refine their screenplays and place higher in the contests (and I see that some contests do offer early notes to help with a rewrite/resubmission). But the cynic in me says that many of these contests see this as just another way to increase their revenue. How many writers here have taken advantages of a resubmission policy and do you feel it's truly made a difference? Just curious.

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    Re: Resubmissions

    None of the big contests do this. Considering Nicholl and Austin now offer feedback, I'd focus on those two (maybe FD and Pages as well).


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      Re: Resubmissions

      The only contest that offers resubmissions, that I'm aware of, is Fresh Voices.

      I entered the contest last summer with an early draft, mostly because judge's notes and scorecard were free.

      In the time since first submission -- May -- and making QF -- January -- the script was MUCH different.

      So, I ponied up the extra cash and resubmitted.

      Is it worth it?

      I think the current version is better than the version entered 6+ months ago. But, what do I know?


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        Re: Resubmissions

        I don't know, hard not to look at that as a way from them to just earn extra money. I don't see them ever sending out an E-mail that says "no, that's perfect, don't resubmit and keep your 40 bucks"

        So, just an opinion, those contests that do have re-submission fees when they do give you "free" feedback along with entry, you should keep it in mind that they do have a vested interest in you wanting to resubmit and therefor give you a review that might make you do that.

        There are contests that will let you resubmit FOR FREE if you place within their finalists, I think in that case, that feedback (non dependent on money) is probably very helpful and nice of them to do so.
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          Re: Resubmissions

          Trademark Rambling Titan Response:

          I'd say that the most obvious explanation that this is just a micro-transaction is the correct one.

          One could say that resubmissions make a bit more sense than they did before. There are more coverage services than ever, some with fairly quick turnarounds. You can even bulk-buy coverage on some sites (whether the notes are any good is another discussion).

          Ideally, you'd have gotten all of those notes BEFORE you submitted. The contests aren't going to go away next year. If a writer feels like they need to win THIS YEAR, then that's a separate, rather large, problem.

          If I were advising a writer, I would say to get a script "submission ready- and then move on to another project. Don't make your writing calendar contingent on resubmission opportunities. Focus your time, money, and energy onto a consistent project divorced from outside events while something else runs through the contests.

          If you were already revising the script when you submitted it and then find out you qualify for a resubmission, then I guess you have a choice to make.

          That said, if you submitted something in December, haven't touched it since then, and then found out in January that you have a couple of weeks to get a resubmission in, I would not risk breaking your material.

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