Big Break contest script swap?



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  • Big Break contest script swap?

    Any of these writers willing to swap scripts? For educational purposes only. ;-)


    • American Propaganda by Michael Moskowitz
    • Baron of Havana by Alex Simon
    • Between the Pipes by Angie Bullaro
    • Blind Dog Travels by Katharine J. Yee
    • D-Day by Jens-Frederik Otto
    • Fire on Ice by Courtney Suttle
    • Fly Girls by Dave Strauss & Guershon Moreno
    • Free as the Wind by Susan Zimmerman
    • Freedom Fort by Clint Williams
    • Guardian Angel by Lorraine Lindsay-Gale & Sarah Olley
    • Hearts of the Taiga by Stephen Dean
    • Ida by Jay William
    • Isabelle's Family by Siddharth Pandey
    • Lomax & Leadbelly by Eric Rawson
    • Searching for Scrooge by Fred Nutter
    • Tansen by Aarthi Ramanathan
    • The Firebird by Suzanne Egan
    • The Starry Night by Lisa Gomez & Gina Gomez
    • The Third Bomb by Phil Parker
    • The Upside Down Ship by Nicola Fletcher
    • The Very First Powder Puff Derby by John Purvis
    • Within our Gates by Dustin Amick
    Thanks in advance.