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Michael Hauge, the best selling author and story consultant* and Erik Bork, HBO Screenwriter will be giving a special joint presentation on Creating Powerful Movie Scenes. Using clips from successful films and television episodes, they will reveal the essential elements of well written scenes. This unique three hour event is essential for all screenwriters and filmmakers who want to create emotionally involving and commercially successful films or television.

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The primary goals of every scene
Mastering Action, Description and Dialogue
The scene writing mistakes you must avoid
The particular needs of opening scenes
How every scene should "change the game- of the main story problem(s)
How to describe emotional states that put the reader inside your character
Techniques for communicating information without being "expositional-
What great subtext looks like, and how it improves scenes


Writers, directors and producers who want to understand how to engage an audience
Writers who struggle with script rejections
Writers who want to entertain the reader
Writers who seek new techniques to take your writing to the professional level
Writers who want to get more knowledge about the craft
Anyone with an interest in the art and craft of storytelling


All you need is a computer or iOS device, and an internet connection. You'll be able to view the presentation and listen to the audio over computer speakers, You will also have the opportunity to digital -raise your hand- to ask questions to the speakers.

Meet the Speakers:


Michael has coached screenwriters, producers, stars and directors on projects for every major studio and network, most recently I AM LEGEND, HANCOCK and THE KARATE KID for Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment; MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE for Columbia Pictures; BAKUGAN for Universal Pictures, and MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, and LOVE, ROSIE for SONY Pictures and Constantin Film.


Erik Bork is a screenwriter best known for the HBO miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, where he won two Emmy and two Golden Globe Awards.*Erik Bork has also sold series pitches (and written pilots) at NBC and FOX, worked on the writing staff for two primetime dramas, and written feature screenplays on assignment for companies like Universal, HBO, TNT, and Playtone.