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  • Childrens' Television Script Contests/Programs?

    So, lately I've been making progress. One of my family feature script reached the semifinals of a contest, I'm entering that script elsewhere and pitching it on Roadmap & S32, and writing a new one.

    I'm also in the middle of producing a comic book.

    But I want to write a television script again - specifically, a script for an animated kids' series. That - specs of currently airing series, to be even more specific - is what I cut my teeth on, before I moved to write original animated pilots and features.

    Before I start on this, I want to know if there's an opportunity to write one that I could use as more than just 'practice'.

    Are there any contests or programs that accept animated tv spec scripts, BESIDES Nickelodeon?

    Similarly, would a manager be open to reading a spec script rather than an original pilot?

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    Re: Childrens' Television Script Contests/Programs?

    I think Page does. I know they have a pilot category and a children's category.

    Really, any contest that accepts pilots probably doesn't care who the target audience is (other than the fact that sometimes they are sponsored by a particular channel that does have a particular audience...)