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    Re: My first contest

    Have you gotten any coverage on the script to get a gauge on where it stands? I think the contest/fellowship/lab routes are generally only worth it once you get at least a "Consider" from some objective readers. Otherwise, you could end up throwing a lot of money down the drain.

    Originally posted by nostromo View Post
    Dear all,

    I am a new member here, as I found this forum after searching for reviews on reputable contests. I know there are some who are against contests, but me living in Europe, I don't have another option(?) to approach agents or production companies.

    My script is a high concept, sci-fi feature and my plan is to submit to Page, Austin, Nicholls, and possibly TrackingB and Scriptapalooza.

    The motivation for screenplay competitions came when I heard about the first look project from the script pipeline, several years ago. Now that the script is done and after more research it seems that the script pipeline is not so well regarded around here. At least on comparison to other contests.

    I am not interest in money, just representation and script circulation within the industry. I was wondering if there is any strategy that you'd suggest me to follow regarding submission.