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    Years ago when you were SUPPOSED to write a spec teleplay (I know people generally prefer original pilots now) I was always behind on TV shows and yadda yadda, never did it. I wrote pilots.

    Now that I finally have a spec teleplay, I'm not sure what to do with it.
    I knew when I wrote it that it was too new -- it's not on the lists for any of the TV workshops like Writers on the Verge, etc. Frankly, I'm hoping it gets picked up for a second season (yes, I know this is not great genius planning, but it's the one I wanted to write and I wrote it pretty quickly...)

    But what contests accept spec teleplays/non-pilots?

    I know AFF does. Anyone else besides these workshops?

    Also, I know sometimes you'd send those in as samples but ... my agent doesn't do TV. Should I be querying managers with a spec teleplay? I can't imagine they'd want to read specs, right?

    Or would I query managers with my pilot and mention I just wrote a spec?
    Or should I just hang out on the couch and watch more Netflix so I'm caught up for next year? (Maybe I'm ahead because this one is too new?)

    Thanks. Sigh.
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