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    I just saw that Stage 32 announced a new contest where they're partnering with National Lampoon. I've always been a bit skeptical about Stage 32 contests, but this one intrigues me. I know this one is brand new, but I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Stage 32 contests -- good or bad. The cynic in me says they're merely a money-making machine for Stage 32, without any real benefits to the entrants. This one does say the winner receives a $5000 option for their screenplay (to be developed by National Lampoon). That sounds nice...but still wondering. Thanks!

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    Re: Stage 32 contests

    I won their first Search for New Blood contest in 2014. It got me a manager. My script got optioned and is partially financed with a pretty big horror producer. In the meantime I've written 3 paid assignments for producers in LA and the UK. In 2014 Joey Tuccio was running things and he moved mountains for me....he really cares about writers. I don't know how hard they hit the ground running these days now that he's gone. I know they get a bad rap on many things, but their contest changed my career, so no bad words from me.