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  • Academy Nicholl Submission Attempts

    Okay, here's a little on me. I've submitted to the competition since 2015. The first year I didn't get so much as a keep going. They were actually brutal in their comments, but to be honest, I didn't give it my all.

    Distraught, I skipped 2016 and came back in 2017 with a new screenplay. I placed in the TOP 15%.

    In 2018 I came back again, placed in the top 10% for the same screenplay and was a semifinalist for a new screenplay.

    What are my chances of actually winning this competition? I'm starting to think because my subject matter is "hood related" that it won't ever land.

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    Re: Academy Nicholl Submission Attempts

    as Greg Beal noted over the years, Nicholl scripts have come from a broad range of genres even if dramas have generally risen to the top on average:

    action-adventure - 11
    animated comedy - 1
    comedy - 9
    romantic comedy - 5
    comedy-drama - 13
    coming-of-age drama - 12
    drama - 49
    romantic drama-fantasy - 2
    horror - 3
    science fiction - 3
    thriller / crime / caper - 23
    war / terrorism - 12
    Western - 3

    the challenge to winning the Nicholl (imo) is that a successful script has to win over a lot of different readers from Round One to the finals. I calculated it once and in total i think it's roughly 34 total reads for a winning script. so not only does the script have to be great but also in a way that is so deemed by as many of the Nicholl readers at each level as possible.


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      Re: Academy Nicholl Submission Attempts

      Thank you. Didn't realize so many people read it to get to the FINALS. My gawd!