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  • Disney Fellowship - t.v. vs. features...

    Hi all,

    I've read threads here that state that the t.v. side of the contest tends to skew toward edgier material, and the winners of the fellowship seem to have done a lot of L&O's, SVU's, etc.

    Does this hold true for the feature side of the contest too? Any thoughts on the type of features that have won a fellowship over the last few years. I noticed that the big films coming out of the program seem fairly tame (Country Bears, Freaky Friday). And I ask because I'm working on a children's feature, and would like to know if it's worth submitting.


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    Re: Disney Fellowship - t.v. vs. features...

    The fellowship, and it seems most of the folks at ABC/Disney, all really really really want to be thought of as hip, edgy folks. They look for edgy scripts in both features and TV. Heather Hach, who wrote Freaky Friday, who is one of the more successful former fellows, wrote an edgy rom-com to enter the program.

    So, they want to bring in these edgy writers, but don't actually want them to write edgy material.

    I'm not saying this is necessarily bad. They're just stuck between wanting to uphold the "Disney" name and wanting to be fresh and new.

    Just kill off one of your characters in the first ten pages and you should be fine.

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      Re: Disney Fellowship - t.v. vs. features...

      i just submitted a feature: asian-american family drama to the fellowship. it seems like a lost effort now, after reading that most people are already established writers or grad students. what's the point of even making it an open contest then?

      i heard the same about sundance, that most people without a referral don't get accepted. seems a waste there too to apply if you're a new writer.


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        Re: Disney Fellowship - t.v. vs. features...

        I don't think that's all together true. I'm sure as long as you have a kick ass script no one is going to give two sh**s if you've worked in the mail room of CAA or not. So KEEP THE FAITH.

        Besides, what do you have to lose? It's FREE.