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  • Online Submission vs. Hard Copy?

    Thought it would be interesting to get opinions on submitting work online vs. sending in a hard copy for contests. I've entered 4 competitions this year and the only one I advanced in was the competition I submitted a hard copy to. I've read that some competitions print out the e-copies, then read and others read on-screen. I can't imagine reading many screenplays on my computer. It seems like a paper script would be preferable.

    What do you think????

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    Re: Online Submission vs. Hard Copy?

    I don't know, I sit at my computer and read scripts all the time. Doesn't bother me.


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      Re: Online Submission vs. Hard Copy?

      Interesting topic.

      It seems like writers prefer to submit scripts online. We are getting alot more online submissions than hard copy. We print the quarterfinalist scripts but our readers read the first round electronically. We only give online submissions to readers who have expressed a desire to and comfort with reading online scripts.

      However, there are some readers who prefer hard copies, so don't be shy about mailing your copies too. ;-)

      Competition Coordinator
      Expo 4 Screenplay Competition