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  • Strobes

    So it's been awhile ....

    When you're dancing under a strobe light, are the flashes you see full of color, or do they happen so quickly it feels more like black-and-white? (I need to find our old camera strobe and try it.)
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    Re: Strobes

    When I was in a band, occasionally some idiot would set up a strobe (which led to death threats, and worse, from us), and it happens so quickly that you really only see things in black-and-white. Though that could be subjective. Best idea is to check it out--but remember that a strobe is fast.


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      Re: Strobes

      Weird how the memory's subjective: I remember a guy's jacket being very red in a strobe, but also everything flashing very B&W as you say (maybe me remembering looking at it thru a B&W videocamera monitor as we taped Indy bands though) Probably it's just your eyes adapting to the dark in-between (so you're seeing muted, nightvision colours) and the intensity of the light during. Definitely I recall a band playing with strobes in front of a huge yellow slide of a skull: the slide stayed yellow but the band guys (much closer to the strobes) flashed between intense white and dark shadow in darkness ... so it's not like a strobe actually blinds you to colourvision, I'd say.
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        Re: Strobes

        Tab makes a great point. I think that if you filmed or videotaped people in a strobe light the colors might be discerned; but I was watching from the bandstand and all I remember was black and white and hating the guy who was running the machine and driving us nuts.