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  • Generals Per Building

    What sort of a facility would regularly have 2 generals?
    What about 3 or even 4?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Generals Per Building

    Lot of times on a base, there's a very important building that is restricted access, high security. You find lots of brass in there.

    Remember the scene in Mission Impossible where they pose as firemen to enter the Pentagon?

    I was a fireman in the military. We had a building we couldn't enter without an escort at all times. They'd let the building burn the ground before they'd let us enter without an escort. I think it was called H-tek or something. I've forgotten most of my military terms and acronyms.

    Long story short, Mission Impossible was bull****. They'd tell the fireman to **** off before letting them in there like that.

    But in this important building (I think it had our crypto stuff for spying on North Korea), there were lots of brass. Colonels, Majors, Generals, a whole bunch of pencil pushers in there.