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    Re: Period talk

    Right, and remember that 16th century French sounds very different from that spoken today. It can be both incredibly vulgar or very formal, depending on your characters' class. Rabelais could write scabrous stuff in the vernacular, and then you look at Montaigne, and though it's conversational in nature, it's still within a more formal frame. French today is in the same predicament. It's ruled by the Academie Fran├žaise, of course, notably hidebound and resistant to, say anglicisms such as "le weekend" or the ubiquitous "OK" heard on most young French people's lips.

    Watch the film "The Return of Martin Guerre" (based on a true story and a scholarly book by Natalie Zemon Davis, highly recommended) to see how it was handled, suze.

    And the answer to the question about Bush and horses, is that horses avoid him because they're only too well acquainted with horsesh1t.


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      Re: Period talk

      The presence of John Wayne in The Greatest Story Ever Told was the worst instance of miscasting that I can remember. Hearing that line made me cringe.

      "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.


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        Re: Period talk

        Originally posted by ComicBent View Post
        The presence of John Wayne in The Greatest Story Ever Told was the worst instance of miscasting that I can remember. Hearing that line made me cringe.
        Maybe you've forgotten that Wayne himself topped that bit of miscasting when he starred as a young (?) Genghis Khan in 'The Conqueror'. (1956)

        In the movie, Khan's mother was played by Agnes Moorehead. lol And Susan Hayward played his love interest.

        'ONE OF THE funniest, strangest, and saddest movies of all time is RKO's 1956 epic The Conqueror, starring John Wayne, certified American Hero, as ... Genghis Khan. Believe it or not, that's the sanest part of the movie. At least John Wayne could ride a horse. The Tartar queen who steals Khan's heart is played by Susan Hayward, a pale Irish woman with bright red hair. Imagine Nicole Kidman trying to pass for Connie Chung and you've pretty much got the idea. Khan's mother is played by Agnes Moorehead, who went on to play Samantha's mother on Bewitched. And Genghis Khan's "blood brother" is played by Pedro Armendariz, a Mexican heartthrob who doesn't look remotely related to John Wayne or the Mongols. Bizarre enough? We haven't even started. Ever try to cast an entire horde? The producers couldn't quite come up with several hundred actual Mongolians to ride along as Khan's rampaging minions, so they hired ... a bunch of American Indians.'
        Produced by Howard Hughes, the film is also notorious for it's shooting location -- very close to a nuclear testing site in Utah. Possibly the cause of the very high cancer rate the cast and crew experienced later on.

        Seems the homework wasn't done on this film in more ways than one.
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          Re: Period talk

          Originally Posted by Jake Schuster
          Can you please explain, then, why Greenwich, Connecticut-born George W. Bush walks the same way? Should he see a proctologist, maybe? Or maybe get a thinner horse. (P.S. It's commonly known that he's terrified of horses.)
          Originally posted by suzeaa View Post
          That's because horses can smell evil. lol
          And also because horses can master President Bush in nine out of ten intellectual challenges.

          The tenth however is leading nations into war.

          And it is, sadly, upon that hinge that the gates of History swing.

          "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -
          that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves."
          -Mahatma Gandhi.


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            Re: Period talk

            Hey come on, John Wayne looked great in The Conqueror, I defy anyone to watch that movie and tell me Wayne isn't a native son of the Mongolian steppes.


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