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  • NY and LA locations

    I'm looking for some visually interesting locations in both New York area (Harlem/Manhattan/Broadway) and round Los Angeles (Hollywood in the twenties) applicable from 1904 to 1920. Any pointers much appreciated.

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    In NYC, if you're looking for locations that haven't markedly changed since the 20s, the Lower East Side--at least much of it--looks, from the outside, pretty unchanged. I remember it from the early 50s, and the big difference even from then would be in the signage on the shops. In the Rivington Street area, Delancey and Canal Streets, they would've been in Yiddish (with Hebrew lettering); likewise for Washington Heights (@180th Streets on the West Side), which is now predominantly Dominican. Chinatown, Little Italy, are pretty much the same.

    NYC has lots of spectacular background locations: along the rivers, in Harlem, the Brooklyn Bridge, of course, parts of the Village. Up around Riverside Park and Columbia U. are pretty unchanged.


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      LA has a beautifully restored old train station, Union Station. And I just drove past a park I hadn't seen before -- Lincoln Park. I thought it would be a great location for a movie set in the past, because it has the old-time statues of historic figures.


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        Thanks for the ideas.