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  • A question for college professors in U.S.

    What recourse does a university professor have if he/she is threatened by a student for a passing grade. No evidence of threat. As far as the law goes is it basically the same situation anyone would have in any work place?

    Would the professor have to decide if he/she wants to report it. If they do report, and end up giving the student a passing grade would it raise eyebrows?

    This student is border psycho with the threats.

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    If I reported that a student threatened me, the administration would believe me even without evidence. The student would be disciplined by the univeristy. The severity of the discipline would reflect the severity of the threats. I'm not sure if there would have to be a hearing before a disciplinary committee, because this has not happened in our college as long as I've been here. As a professor, I feel no threat from my students ... even the psychotic ones.


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      Yes, but that's a direct result of your overpowering arrogance, Hairy.


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        Thanks Hairy.