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  • Ghosts... A scene twist...

    Awhile ago there was a site that had a picture of a room and challenged the viewer to find what was wrong with it. It went on to explain that you had too look really close because it was such a small thing...

    Just as you were getting used to staring at the pic... about a minute, or so, a freakin' ghost would jump out and scare the crap out of you...

    I was playing with a similar idea in a script where a paranormal killer enters via telephone lines (I know, it's been done) but it's in the works.

    The scene has a similar room to the above and a crazed killer rushes at the screen as you stare and makes you jump...

    A guy cruisin' the net comes across it and it freaks him out... really scares the sh!t outta him. He calls his buddy in to watch the same video and where the same killer jumps out, it's actually right out of the screen to cut the guy's throat and then suck right back in...

    I was just wondering if anyone knew where as a URL I might find the room I mentioned at the top? Got me thinkin' 'bout scarin' the hell outta my gf.

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    Okay, I found one but there was a different one out there somewhere... I put it here so you could check it out for those who've never seen it.


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      Is this the other one?



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        That's the one, man... Thanks a lot...