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  • Bringing/Getting Guns in Brazil

    My hero comes into Brazil on a private, corporate jet, landing at a small international airport (Manaus).

    How easy or hard would it be to bring some guns on the plane and get them through customs? I've only flown commercial into Brazil (or anywhere), so I have no idea how big of a deal customs is for private bigwigs trying to lay low. The rich (or those working for them) aren't like us, right?

    If it's not possible to bring them in on the plane, how hard is it to buy guns once in central Brazil. Is it easier or harder than in the U.S?

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    Re: Bringing/Getting Guns in Brazil

    Is this info needed for a script you're writing? Or are you a wannabe gun smuggler?

    It would prove difficult or impossible to get guns into another country these days, especially hand guns. Luggage searches, x-ray walkthroughs, etc. If a rifle was the object it might be okay, with permission to to do so, and the gun will be stowed in cargo area, such as for hunters on a hunt expedition. Ammo, too, as long as they are stowed sealed and seperately in the cargo area. As we can do here in the states. So, it would depend on Brazil's laws.

    As a script, you can make it easy. Why ask for problems? You'd have your guys know where they can get guns in Brazil. Probably easy traffic as long as you know in advance. And your guys would know that. They're at your beck and call, right?


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      Re: Bringing/Getting Guns in Brazil

      you might want to check out the FAQs on the following website:


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        Re: Bringing/Getting Guns in Brazil

        Federal law enforcement officers with proper ID are allowed to carry on airplanes.
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