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  • California DMV question...

    is there any way to tell by looking at the drivers license as to which particular DMV office it was issued by?

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    Re: California DMV question...

    No. Unless it's code somewhere. Very little written info on the card. And they now have magnetic strips.
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      Driver's licenses, DMV offices...

      I was told by my state's DMV office/Highway Patrol support center that the state issued DLs are NOT tracked or recorded by the #s issued on them. I do not mean the driver's license # I mean the # printed on the ID card. Why the state DMV office or any state police/public safety office would not do that makes little sense to me.
      Fraud, waste, abuse etc would seem faster or easy to track but some things state/local/federal agencies make no sense.

      ps: I learned this tidbit about 4 years ago when I dealt with some nutbar hotel guest who wanted to get a room at 200am using a Florida class E driver's license with a address from JAPAN! It was like 9999 Whasabi RD Osaka Japan 99999-9999. He wanted to use a credit card and the hotel clerk(correctly) had valid concerns about it. I working as a security officer and wanted to chuck the guy out. I contacted the state Highway Patrol office later and found out the details.
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