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    Re: Question for the under-forty crowd -

    Pinochle decks used to be sold in the same way that regular decks are sold now. You had to be careful to look at the box to make sure that you were buying the right kind of cards. Of course, you could use regular cards for pinochle just by taking two decks and removing some of the cards.

    Bill, I am not surprised that people nowadays do not know anything about pinochle. They also do not know anything about dozens of other really fun card games that people used to play. Some of these games involved decks with certain cards removed (and occasionally with the jokers included).

    I would forge right ahead with the short film, and let the ignorance of youth be damned! Gol-durned whippersnappers!

    "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.


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      Re: The "Way Past Forty" Crowd

      Originally posted by Fortean View Post
      Sounds like a typical Canadian crokinole game to me.
      Crokinole, Ketchup Chips and beers, eh?
      Beauty of a day.