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    I assume many people are aware of this, but I wanted to share an amazing resource I have often used over the past couple of years when researching for my screenplays.

    Trove is a completely free digitized newspaper archive that is easily searchable with content dating back almost 200 years.

    While the content has a decidedly Australian focus, there is still plenty of information on international events.

    If anyone uses anything similar, or has some other great resources they often use, I'd love to hear about it.

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    Newspaper Archives & Research


    Whereas, in the past, I had to visit the British Library's Newspaper Reading Room, in Colindale, either to use their microfilm readers or to request bound volumes of old Australian newspapers, I can find that stuff via the Internet, now, (in the time that would be spent loading a reel onto an old microfilm reader); for example, I quickly rediscovered "Tidal Wave in South Australia" in the Sydney Morning Herald of November 20, 1902, (page 7 col. 2).
    "ADELAIDE, Wednesday.

    There was considerable excitement at Glenelg this morning by a tidal wave, which suddenly broke heavily on the beach and ran up the sand 200ft. further than the tide usually reaches. The tide rose 6ft. in less than fire minutes. Bathers quickly de-parted from the baths. Bags of seaweed stacked at the mouth of Patawalonga Creek above high water mark were carried up the stream for nearly half a mile. The creek ran a banker."
    "Upon the 19th of November, a seismic wave, six feet high, crashed upon the coast of South Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, Nov. 20)." ~ Charles Hoy Fort, Lo! (part 3 chapter 5)
    What is even better is that the newspapers can be automatically searched. For example, with advanced search for "fire ball" between 1900 and 1904, (a wide range), I easily found these items in the issues of November 15, (page 11 col. 5), and 24, (page 8 col. 5), 1902.

    The fireballs, about which so much has been heard during the past few days, do not seem to have been entirely confined to Victoria, and word comes from Parramatta that one of these electrical bolts has visited the old town. The scene of the fireball was Harris Park. It appears that during the dust and heat of Thursday Mr. Bruggmann was in his garden when he felt a few drops of rain fall He was about to hasten indoors when a fireball, apparently close over-head, suddenly exploded. Mr. Bruggmann, who was rendered temporarily unconscious by the shock, was carried into his house, when it was found that he was partially paralysed. In relating the occur-rence he states that after the explosion sparks of fire fell all around him. It is expected that it will be some weeks before Mr. Bruggmann regains the use of his limbs.

    CARCOAR, Saturday.

    A fireball fell on Wednesday night at Errowan-bang, between the shearers' huts and the woolshed, lighting up the country for miles around.
    "For references, see the Sydney Herald and the Melbourne Leader. There was a meteoric explosion, at Parramatta, Nov. 13th. A fire ball fell and exploded terrifically, at Carcoar." ~ Fort
    No excuses. Do your research.

    If it's a historical tale, (as was my screenplay about THE TALKING MONGOOSE), I could find detailed interviews and background information, court testimony, questions and answers in parliament, and weather reports, in the newspapers, to help add to the story's authenticity. No "based on a true story" in Hollywood style, for me, when I can copy the dialog of the interrogation of a witness, (word-for-word), from a newspaper reporter's transcription and his description of the scene.
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      Newspaper Archives & Research

      Originally posted by Bobby Dazzler
      Originally posted by Fortean View Post
      "Tidal Wave in South Australia" .
      Back in '76, then SA Premier Don Dunstan single-handedly stopped one off Glenelg Jetty...
      Newspapers, at that website, only are available up to 1954, so...
      JEKYLL & CANADA (free .mp4 download @