Psssst...wanna dreamy white pill?



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  • Psssst...wanna dreamy white pill?

    Ok, ok, it's legal. Sold at your not so dreamy corner store...vitamin B1 (thiamine).

    Curious if others notice its effects, especially as writers...whether it increases the presence and vivacity of your inner voice.

    Most Americans are thiamine-deficient (a condition exacerbated by alcohol), so, a _single_ B1 vitamin is almost certainly healthy for you regardless of its cognitive effects (and, being water soluble, is eliminated from your body through urination after a coule of hours...taking more than two or three pills per day would be more of a waste of money - and good vitamins - rather than harmful, but, please don't take more than the daily recommended don't need to. ).

    Anyhow, I'm curious if others find their waking voice, morning thoughts, and remembered dreams more precise and coherent after taking (only one) vitamin B1 pill before sleeping. In addition to exercise and sleep this is the only thing I may have found to perhaps, hopefully, enhance my limited intelligence...and I'm wondering if others experience the same effects?

    Alcohol seems to be unreliable, unpredictable - and although most of my friends smoke marijuana constantly, they're idiots and degenerate imbeciles. : ) THC is definitely not making them smarter...

    B1 can also be found in Marmite, leafy green veggies, etc., if you're adverse to a pill.

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    Re: Psssst...wanna dreamy white pill?

    I take a super B complex for energy since my post-thyroid life is a tad lethargic the same way the ocean is a bit big and terrifying, and it includes too much thiamine... fortunately it's one of those things that can't be overdosed on, it just turns your urine neon yellow and pungent. But as for the effects, I don't notice any change in my level of creativity, just that I'm not lazing about all day.

    Now Ambien, dear god there's a thing that's going to just going to inspire you to alternately write interesting things or stay under the covers crying.