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    Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

    Most of these don't quite fit the criteria requested, but I will throw them out in case anything might be of interest:

    Zulu Dawn
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    African Queen (WWI)
    The Man Who Would Be King
    San Francisco (Clark Gable)
    The Day they Robbed the Bank of England


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      Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

      Thanks Roger, San Francisco might be worth a look.


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        Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

        She Done Him Wrong -- Mae West's Diamond Lil character was based on a "loose woman" of the 1890s and the film evokes the era throughout.

        Lillian Russell w/ Alice Faye -- also set in the 1890s, good atmosphere and music., Russell and Diamond Jim Brady.

        Barbary Coast with Edward G. Robinson and Miriam Hopkins set in San Francisco in the mid-1800s but still interesting for period details (Robinson triumphs over his outlandish costume and earring).

        Has anyone ever seen Preston Sturges's film Diamond Jim? Jean Arthur is in it but as far as I know not available.


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          Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

          The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean - Paul Newman movie, basically a western but is set at the end of the West

          The Shootist - John Wayne, directed by Don Siegel and with a young Ron Howard. Another one set at the end of the West, around 1900

          Boom Town - Clark Gable and Spencer Tracey as a couple of wildcatters


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            Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

            Continued to look around on your behalf, and though you already may have these in your research arsenal, I found the following:

            ARTICLE LINKS:

            Guide To The Thomas Cripps Papers (covers 1839-2009)

            Representations of African Americans in Film

            Race In Early American Films

            The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity: African-Americans

            Oscar Devereaux Micheaux (this article details the names of his films which perhaps can lead you to find them)


            Hearts and Flags (A Thomas Edison photoplay, 1911)

            The Law of Nature (with Clarence Brooks in a black Western, 1917)

            By Right of Birth (with Clarence Brooks, 1921)

            The Bull Dogger (w/ champion rodeo cowboy Bill Pickett, 1921)

            The Little Colonel (a Shirley Temple movie, 1935)
            Clint Hill
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              Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

              Castilleja, Bairn_Writer, TigerFang - Only just logged back in after a busy couple of weeks. Many thanks for the additional effort you've all put in and the info provided.

              There's plenty for me to get through here. It'll be a great help.


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                Re: Films Set in 1890s - 1910s America

                Easter Parade (1948)

                The stage design for one of the musical numbers indicates that the movie is set in 1912.

                The female antagonist has a black maid who, in one scene, expresses an opinion on feminine propriety.
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