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  • Character going blind

    My 80+ year old character is legally blind (due to something like macular degeneration; he may have some sight, but it is extremely limited, so that's why I picked MD.)

    What films that you can think of have a character who is blind or has extremely limited sight that I might look to, in order to research what this might look like?


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    Re: Character going blind

    You are going about this wrong. You do not want to get into details about his actual vision. The real issue is simply that he does not see well. Do not get hung up on the clinical aspects of his eye disease. Nobody cares. Just tell your story.

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      Re: Character going blind

      Scent of a Woman is a good example and a great movie.

      I believe SBdeb wants to find the screenplays to similar movies to see how those screenwriters dealt with elements of exposition and reveal with respect to the eye condition and/or blindness.

      I did a Google search for "Blind lead characters in movies" and this is what came up with:

      Reel Rundown


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        Re: Character going blind

        I wrote a short script with a character who is going blind. I suggest researching stories from actual people struggling with it. I read stories online and it was deeply stirring. I'll never forget the guy who had a condition that was going to make him blind within the next few months. He could see but knew he would be completely blind soon. He had to prepare his affairs for it. I could feel the fear in his words. It moved me to tears. Going blind is absolutely terrifying. Reading real people's stories inspired me heavily when writing my character and also gave me insights into medical conditions and interactions with doctors. I highly recommend it, but be warned. It's going to be heartbreaking.