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  • Research... (consultants)

    How do you guys do it? Do you venture out into the world looking for consultants, only online, both?

    ME? I love talking to people and learning their stories. You say "MOVIE" and almost anyone will spill their guts if you're a good interviewer and are legitimately fascinated. This is best done in person.

    SOME EXAMPLES of cool sh!t:

    The time I flew up to SF to meet with some heavy hitters in the world of nation building. That was rad! Walked outta there with the watermarked manuscript to their book that was being published through Simon & Schuster. Showed me a bunch'a their secret sh!t they were working on. Awesome!

    The time I was writing a hitman vs hitman script and did a deep dive into the ultra-gritty side of Mexico and was introduced to killers. Fukkin RAD!

    The time I was meeting with an ex-CIA Op. We had breakfast. I asked if he still needs to carry a weapon. Swear to god, he leans forward and whispers "It's on my lap, under my napkin, like always. I know every exit route. I know who's most likely to kill me. You're safe." Fukkin WHOA!... I'm with Jason Bourne. Love that sh!t.

    That sh!t is far and away my favorite part of writing. Meeting the REAL people. Thinking about it, I don't think I've written anything where I DID NOT seek out a consultant to meet in real life in order to ground it.

    You? Got any good/fun/interesting stories of consultant meetings?
    Bruh, fukkin *smooches*! Feel me? Ha!

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    Re: Research... (consultants)

    This is incredibly important for newer writers Gucci. I bring up Nolan a lot because he takes the time to seek out these consultants/experts in their field. For sci-fi, it is almost mandatory. It will elevate your work. Memento and Interstellar are very accurate, and very plausible, according some of the world's most renowned psychiatrists and theoretical physicists.